The National Assembly has just passed the Law No. 82/2015/QH13 dated June 25, 2015, takes effect on July 01, 2016, on Marine and Island Resources and Environment defines to license of scientific research within Vietnam’s maritime zones for foreign organizations and individuals.

vietnam-logisticTo conduct scientific research within Vietnam’s maritime zones, a foreign organization or individual must have the legal entity status as prescribed by the law of the country where it is established, for foreign organizations; being an inter-governmental organization, for international organizations; or having full civil act capacity as prescribed by the law of the country of which he/she is a citizen, for foreign individuals; wish to conduct scientific research independently or in cooperation with the Vietnamese side; conduct scientific research for peaceful purposes; causing no harm to national sovereignty or national defense and security activities of Vietnam; causing no pollution to the marine environment; and causing no obstruction to lawful activities of organizations and individuals within Vietnam’s maritime zones and submit a complete dossier for licensing as prescribed…

From July 01, 2016, no new construction is allowed and the existing works shall be kept unchanged within 100 meters from the mean high tide’s water level over many years to the mainland or to the inside of an island as identified by provincial-level People’s Committees of coastal localities under the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment until coast protection corridors are established (within 18 months from July 01, 2016).

Particularly, construction of new works for national defense and security purposes, prevention and control of natural disasters and coastal erosion, response to climate change and sea level rise, and conservation and promotion of the values of cultural heritages; construction of new works under investment projects to serve national and public interests as decided by the National Assembly, the Government, the Prime Minister, ministers, heads of central agencies, or provincial-level People’s Councils or People’s Committees of coastal localities or construction of works under investment projects already decided by competent state agencies or construction of works already licensed by competent state agencies…allowed to carry on.

Besides, the Law also decides that The Vietnam Sea and Island Week last from the 1 to the 8 of June every year.

Source: LuatVietnam