Exempt electricity activity permit for generating electricity with installed capacity of less than 50 kw for selling electricity

Exempt electricity activity permit

On May 29, 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issue the Circular No. 10/2015/TT-BCT providing the order and procedure for issue, revocation and duration of electricity activity permit, within that, the most important content is on exemption from electricity activity permit.

Accordingly, beside the case of exempting the electricity activity permit generating electricity with installed capacity of less than 50 kW for selling electricity to other organizations and individuals, individuals and organizations generating electricity for self use without sale to other organizations and individuals or carrying on electricity trading in rural, mountainous areas or islands, buying electricity with capacity of less than 50 kVA from the power distribution grid for selling electricity directly to customers in rural, mountainous areas or islands and dispatching the national electricity system and operating the transactions of electricity market are exempted the electricity activity permit.

To the electricity activity permit’s duration,  the electricity activity permit is issued with different durations for each

area of electricity activity based on scope of activity, type of electricity works, registered duration, capacity and professional level of the electricity operating unit but must not exceed 05 years for specialized electricity consultation; 10 years for electricity distribution; electricity wholesaling and retailing; electricity import and export and 20 years for electricity generation in large power plants with particularly important meaning on economy, society, national defense and security as per the list approved by the Prime Minister and electricity transmission.

Within that, the specialized electricity consultation permit has its nation-wide scope of activity; the electricity activity permit has its scope of activity for each power the Plant; the electricity retailing and wholesaling permit has its scope of activity within a specific administrative boundary and the electricity import and export permit has its scope of activity within a specific power delivery point.

This Circular takes effect on July 12, 2015.